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#3032 new New feature

New feature: "Display Trends and Analytics summary" (in all reports)

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Priority: major Milestone: 2.x - The Great Piwik 2.x Backlog
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Description (last modified by matt)

The goal is to propose a new view into for existing reports in Piwik, mining the underlying data in relevant ways to give the user a summary of what has changed in the data, what is working out well, and what is getting better.

Content of the new report

The new UI would display a few new reports to give insights about what is worth keeping on an eye on:

  • Best new [Websites] in the selected period
  • Best new [Websites] in last 3 periods
    • NB: new website are websites that have traffic in the period and was not used in the previous 3 periods before this one
  • Fastest growing [websites] contributing to overall traffic
    • NB: these are the websites that are not new, but are now contributing more than before, and have significant % visits
    • NB: The % treshold could maybe be modified with a simple controller -- and recorded/restored


  • Table display: Each table for these reports would display between 0 and 6 rows by default,
    • the view would be filtered to only show the statistically significant changes that are worth looking into
    • Later in V2, allow user to modify the % threshold used to define "significant" changes. Record as setting and restore.
  • Metric used: The algorithm would be based on Visits metric by default for most reports. For the tables in the "Goals" report, the algorithm would use the number of conversions as metric.
  • when there is no visit to compare against (new website), be clever and select the most oldest data available and show trends on what's there only (or show a message "No trends yet" or similar when not enough data).
  • the new Analytics view would be available on most reports in Piwik: Keywords, Websites, Page URLs, Page Titles, Browsers, Countries, etc. displays when a new icon is clicked. Icon would be a light bulb for example "Trends" below all reports
    • or displayed by default in some reports, for example on the right space currently empty in most report, next to the: Keywords report, Websites, Campaigns, Page titles, etc.

There would be a metric selector at the bottom of these reports, to choose the metric (Visits VS Conversions VS Ecommerce Orders VS Revenue etc.)

  • The Trends reports could also be added to PDF/HTML reports
  • For tables with subtables, eg. Custom Variables, Campaigns/Keywords, we could look at all subtables as well, to hilight the significant increases or new values (based on number of visits)
  • intelligent alerts, split in tasks types: Feeling imaginative? Read the keywords. Feeling like seeing Happy Summary? Feeling worried? Critical summary highlighting bad points / big changes.

Please answer these questions:

  • When you use Piwik, what are the regular things you are looking for?
    • List the reports or mental checks you do
    • Can these be automated in Piwik somehow?

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See also #57 Movers & Shakers

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