Piwik Marketing Roadmap

The main objective of the Piwik marketing team effort is to increase Piwik exposure, gain new users and new developers and improve our relationship with companies.

The ultimate goal is to help Piwik grow as the best open source web analytics software.

Please update this page with your ideas and suggestions!

The marketing roadmap is a work in progress, updated by Matthieu (see his photos), Anthon, and the rest of the Piwik team.

Ideas / Suggestions

Piwik Website Update

  • The website is missing a few important pages and features
  • There should be a Uniform Look and Feel across the various tools (Forum, Trac, Website). (see #1154, #1161)

Marketing Suggestions

  • Approach several high exposure sites/authors and have them write an article on Piwik.
  • Identify key Piwik platforms (eg: Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal) with the aim to present at their conferences (eg: Wordcamp).
  • Create Piwik badges/widgets/logos and make available for download. (Contest?)
  • Publish regular Piwik Recipes/Tips (similar to WP-Recipes) to blog/twitter.
  • Schedule regular online meetings for developers and other contributors.
  • Piwik podcasts.
  • Publish whitepapers (on the topic of analytics) and make available to public for free. This would position Piwik as an authority on Web Analytics.
  • Publish periodic surveys of Piwik Community

UPDATE: Done! Piwik One Click install

Here are some of the tools that we consider to make Piwik available as a one click install:

  • cPanel (see ticket #1138)
  • Fantastico (see ticket #1159)
  • SimpleScripts (see ticket #1160)
  • Microsoft Web Gallery (see ticket #642)
  • Softaculous (see #1185)



  • You can subscribe to the list of tweets about Piwik /blog posts about Piwik /SVN commits /ticket updates all in one RSS feed. Useful to keep an eye on everything being said about Piwik on the web.
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