Software Development Metrics

This page summarizes various software metrics in Piwik's development phase and is limited to the Roadmap to 1.0.


  • March 2010 - 2000th commit to SVN
  • October 2009 - 1000th Trac ticket and 1500th commit to SVN.
  • March 2009 - 1000th commit to SVN
  • January 2008 - first Trac ticket (goodbye TODO file)
  • July 2007 - Piwik project registered on SourceForge; first commit to SVN

Code Size

"Lines of Code" courtesy of Ohloh. Updated 2010-04-04.

Note: this is somewhat skewed by third-party libraries (e.g., jQuery, Zend Framework, and Smarty).

Issue Management

Ticket creation and closure statistics since January 2008. Updated (manually) 2010-04-04.

  • There are 96 open tickets on the 1.0 roadmap.
  • A number of "old" tickets, representing core features, remain to be implemented. As a result, the average age of open tickets is skewed.
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